Sunday, August 28, 2011


      Our previous blog entry was delayed due to internet service problems.  Hope all were able to see our last entry!  Here is a photo of the library I spoke of...lots of hard work.  When we first arrived you could not walk in the room; it was so congested with boxes and "stuff". Now there is a place for everything.

      On the left you can see the Book of Mormons in about 60 of the 82 world languages it is printed in.  It had its 181st Anniversary in March and the 150th millionth copy was printed then.  Amazing!

      On Sunday we had a birthday party for one of the sisters who works in the office with us. She is from northern Utah and is a very hard working lady. Ready and willing to serve doing whatever is asked of her. The sister missionaries also joined us.  The senior missionary second photo below right is from Finland. She has a wonderful sense of humor and we love her already.  She is still learning English and very ready to help us learn Finnish.  When we were here only one week and suffering miserably with jet lag, we told her that we could not sleep when we were supposed to be sleeping.  Her reply was, "Study will work to put you to sleep!"

      It has been a bit stressful in the office this week.  The new budget for 2012 had to be submitted and therefore a lot of study had to be done to figure that out.  Also, there has been apartments to close and furniture to move.  Thank goodness Elders can help with that.  Seems the more we understand about the workings of the office, the more there is to learn.  We are hoping over time that we can get a handle on things!

      Grandpa Finland wanted you to see how close we are to the sea! This picture is from our office balcony.

      The picture below shows how many boats are in the marinas.  Grandpa was told there are about 500,000 people living in Helsinki and about 700,000 boats!

      We have begun to drive home on different routes to try to get home sooner, avoiding as much traffic as possible.  Of course, the first time we tried, we became lost.  Ended up in a beautiful area with luxury apartments right on the sea.  I forgot to take a photo, but I did take a photo from our moving car of these amazing huge flower planters along the road side.  They are everywhere...beautifying the city.

      Every six months while on their missions a few Elders and Sisters come into the office for Keili Koulou or Language Training.  We also had staff meeting so the President and his wife were also there.  We provided lunch for all! White bean chicken chili was on the menu.  It was delicious!  It was a busy fun day and we loved seeing the missionaries.  They are a valiant bunch!

      When Friday came it found us in the office late with the President pouring over the budget.  We left about 7:30pm and decided to stop and eat in a Finnish restaurant.  We stopped at the "Lehtovaara" or in english translates, sort of, to 'dangerous grove'.  The food was absolutely fabulous, but the bill for eating there was 'dangerous' to our wallet!  We had fun and called it our one month anniversary celebration.  Lehtovaara

Here is a photo of the church building we attend each Sunday.  It is the Haaga Ward.  

We love you and pray for you while we are sojourning here in Finland! 
May the Lord keep you and bless you! 

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The Holland Family said...

Oh how we miss you in the 3rd ward. But it's so great to see your doing so great. Thanks for all you did here in the ward before you left. You made my job so much easier. (and it isn't that easy) I'm learning so much. I feel like I'm on a mission... a mission impossible :) I love what I'm doing though, crazy as it may be. -Love, Sis Holland