Thursday, August 25, 2011

Underwater Rugby World Championships!

      We had our one month anniversary this week...18th of August. Time has flown by.  The office is settling down some...although the amount to learn is still tremendous. We are trying to take one day at a time, prioritize what needs to be learned and put out fires along the way.  We are confident that the Lord will help us and guide us. "For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake, lead me and guide me." Psalms 31:3

      I wanted to show you some photos of the streets of Helsinki...last blog entry I mentioned it was like Pittsburgh.  Now you can see what I mean.

Crazy!  Very narrow city streets and Grandpa Finland manages without hesitation!  I bet he could even do it with a bus...

       We took a drive down from our office and saw some big cruise ships.

      We had a picnic for one of the sister's birthdays.  Attended the temple again on Friday night, but got caught in traffic due to a bus breaking down.  We made it in time to do sealings for eternal families...mostly all in Finnish. Eternal Marriage One of the most beautiful temples inside we have ever been in.  Went shopping after and took these photos so you could see how these clever Finnish people make sure everyone returns the grocery cart.

You put the money in to unlock your cart from the other carts in the row.
                                 Go shopping and when you come back put the lock back.

                                                        Take your coin...cart returned!

      Saturday was a great day!  We went looking for a swimming pool closer to our apartment and found much more than we expected.  It was a huge Sports Park with ice hockey, swimming and basketball.  The grounds are acres of trails and tennis courts.  We were able to catch a hockey scrimmage with young men in their twenties.  We were unable to swim because the pool was closed due to the UNDERWATER RUGBY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!  We stayed and watched and were amazed! We had never even heard of the demanding physically.

                                                                Referees wear scuba gear.

Italy won the match!  Both teams link arms and Italy sings their song...with great fun and vigor!

Women played too!

This is what they did before the match began...they clapped really loud (pictured above) while a swimmer from each team swam across carrying a small flag from their country...exchanging them in the center of the pool.  Swam back and the match began!  (pictured below) They are congratulating each other after the game.

Here's the hockey! There were two rinks this large...the other one had little guys playing.  Hockey is VERY BIG in Finland!

Also visited a beautiful cemetary...every headstone is granite!  

Of course, then in the afternoon we were able to find a great golf course.  How long did it take Grandpa Finland to find his favorite sport?...only two weeks.  

Notice where the golf club is pointing...YES, IKEA!  It was three stories high...we went there and ended our day with shopping.  What a fun day!  

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Brittany said...

I love the idea for the shopping carts!! We need that here!! Nothing more frustrating than walking in to shop and having to walk back out to get a cart!! Especially in the HOT texas heat!