Sunday, August 5, 2012

Helsinki National History Museum

On a beautiful Saturday morning we went to the Helsinki National History Museum.  
It is a large museum and it took about four hours to go through each section.

The National Museum illustrates Finnish history from ancient times to the present. There are both major archaeological finds and temporary exhibitions.  It was a time-trip through the history of Finland. The museum's unique exhibits span a period of over 10,000 years.  It was great!

A model of a village home...

There was a whole section dedicated to religion...this is a special exhibit.
This wooden hand craved story hung once in a cathedral.
It tells the story of one of the Catholic saints.

Bacgammon has been around a long time.

People have always wanted to measure time.

Lapland ancient hunting tools. Just a hard thump on the head...

Smoking pipes and musical instruments - all under the description of leisure.

Famous Finnish painting depicting liberty being stolen from Finland by Russia.
Finland is the young girl and Russia is the eagle.
In truth Russia did acquire a large section of Finland after the Winter War.
Even now, years later, Finns are not happy about that!

This begins a VERY SPECIAL part of the museum!This is a dollhouse carved totally out of whalebone.
I have always loved dollhouses.  Enjoy the following amazing dollhouses...donated by the king's daughters.
These pictures are of a dollhouse depicting a was created by a doctor and given to the sisters.
It lies flat and you look down into each room.  The detail is awesome!

These are silhouettes of the two
sisters who donated all the dollhouses in the collection.

A playroom like none other...can you find the teddy bear?  How about the Panda?
Can you find the dollhouse in the dollhouse?

This is a famous section of the museum.  The ceilings are painted by a famous painter.
It is in the center of the museum and all sections lead out from here.
A real Finnish kitchen in years gone by...

This contraption is pulled behind horses to prepare the ground for planting.
It pulverized everything in its path and dug up the ground for the seed.
Cool huh?
Items made from reindeer.
More dolls...I liked their native costumes.
Finland is made up of many peoples,
in each area they have their own costumes.

The reindeer pulling the sleighs wear these.

The more contemporary parts of the museum were as fascinating as the older days.

There was even a VW and motorcycle that you could ride and drive...
see the road ahead?  Drive carefully!
“We must welcome the future, 
remembering that soon it will be the past; 
and we must respect the past, 
remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible”.
George Santayana quotes - American Philosopher, Poet and Humanist