Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bit More from Two Missionaries in Finland

Okay!  Okay!  No internet problems this time.  I did not post anything last week because we were tired out from a busy week of working long days in the office.  On Saturday we hosted our first dinner at our own apartment...See we have our name on the door finally!

We served a very good Lasagna (a favorite Aunt's recipe).  It was to welcome a new senior couple who will be going up north to Oulu, a town where there is a university, and they will serve in the Center for Young Adults there. These centers are now being set up all over the world for young adults to come to for wholesome and fun activities, meals, spiritual experiences and a place to gather with others of their own beliefs and standards.  We now have five and there are hopes for eight in the future.  Seems it is getting harder and harder to find a place in the world outside of a church building to keep your standards in tact.  My heart thinks of our passel of grandchildren growing up and hope they will be able to seek out such a place.  This couple has traveled here from Idaho.  They have spent their lives raising their family and running a dairy farm.  Hard work requiring a lot of dedication! 

It was also another birthday party for our dear Finnish lady who works in the office with us.  She is well versed in the law and Finnish ways having worked in law offices, been a graphic design editor and her husband served 48 years in the Finnish military.  He passed away just over a year ago after an extended battle with Parkinson´s disease.  She lives on the island Soumelina which was a military fort for many, many years and is now a tourist attraction.  One of the buildings there have been turned into apartments for veterans families.  We hope to go there before the winter sets in and spend time seeing all the sights. Suomenlinna - Places of Interest 

Found some violets!  Guess they are all over the those beauties!  A lot like friendship...

We spent our Sunday after church eating, sleeping, reading, eating and sleeping again.  Sounds like a real day of rest!  This past week has also been busy, but the days were done by 5:00pm most days.  A financial advisor came to our office from the United Kingdom (England) to train Grandpa Finland on "the books" which he was grateful for.  We had a busy weekend.  We moved furniture out of an apartment that had to be closed and put it all into a storage unit.  And we thought we were done moving!  Huh! 

Here is a few things I have not seen before:  a box that does not require tape (If you cannot figure out by looking at the photos how it works, don't feel bad, neither could we for quite a few tries and we had the box to work with! Ha...)  Also, the towels here in each bathroom hang on the racks you see in the photo.  Why is that so innovative?  Well, the hot water pipes run through the racks, heating the towels!  Do wealthy people in America have these in their bathrooms and have kept it a well hidden secret?  I wonder...

 Yesterday, we had the opportunity to again go to the gym and swimming.  It is always great!  We have a sauna thrown in.  I met a lady in the swimming pool and actually got to speak with her about families and our missionary work, but shucks!  I did not have a single Book of Mormon in the water to give her...I have given Pass Along Cardsto the teller at the bank and the man at the storage unit office by saying, "We ARE missionaries!"  It is a special feeling to know that we are about our Savior's work! Even though we spend most of our days in the office, we do have occasion to meet investigators at church or on the street.  There are many who know not where to find the peace they seek..
We are so grateful for our garmin, Isabella!  Can you believe this street sign...this is a rare one, hanging on a post.  Most are posted on the side of the buildings on the corner and are very difficult to read.
 Hey all!  Love your dryers...just common people do not have dryers in their homes.  Not energy efficient enough...there is a large commercial dryer available for occasional use, but what you see below is what we normally use.  I have fallen in love again with that even possible???

This is the granite wall that is found alongside many of the highways! 
They have just cut their way through it to build this country.
Below was a beautiful clear day...this is a sighseeing tour boat and across the bay is a historical building and museum.  Next photo is the open market that is there everyday during good weather and even in the rain.  Lots of fresh berries, vegetables, etc.  It is much like our farmer's markets in the United States.

It has rained almost every day in the last two weeks and the temperatures are beginning to fall, as are the leaves.  The trees are changing colors and it is beautiful.

This lady is along the shoreline welcoming all to Finland!  She was put up after the last time the country was ravaged by war and she beckons all in four languages, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and English.

Beer wagon below...loved the almost matching team! 
This is seen around town along with the trolley cars and buses.

Time to sign off for today.  We love and miss you all!  Family and friends...hello Kanab!

Can you see through the trees?  Can you guess what it is?
It is actually a water tower, but reminded me of an alien space ship landing bay from Star Wars. 
What do you think?

Final photo until next time...

Have you ever felt like this?  (He is one of the many bronzes found throughout the city.)
If we come unto Jesus we can overcome, even overcome the world! 

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The Holland Family said...

Love seeing what you are up to. Just a side note. I gave the lesson on the Postmortal Spirit World last week. I felt it went well and the power point added so much. Thank you, thank you again for you help with that. I miss you. - Nicole
PS - that means Bro France too :)