Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snow, Snow, Snow....

Snow, snow, snow...

Truck loads of snow!

We have had lots and lots of snow in February.  In an average year like this one 20,000 truckloads of snow are dumped into the sea.  These are huge trucks and I wish you could see the amazing way the streets are cleared here in Helsinki.
The Finns know how to move the snow!

All day a tugboat like this one goes around in circles in the harbor churning the sea so it won't freeze again and the current pulls the snow away from shore and into the sea.

Another constant in Helsinki!
Every day we have seen men in harness on top of business building roofs shoveling the snow off.
The sidewalks below are barricaded off to protect pedestrians.
There have been deaths from this heavy snow falling off the roofs on to people.

We have had such a busy month!  Let me share the highlights:
  • Hockey Game
  • Passionata
  • Senior Conference
  • Birthday Party
  • New Office
  • Northern Lights
  • Sauna
  • Indomitable Soles

Beautiful Hartwall Arena!

Mario Lemieux's jersey on display at Hartwall area.
It brought a smile to this Pittsburgh Penguin fan's face.

Hartwall again, but transformed for the amazing dancing horses.

Birthday show Passionata!

Friends who joined us!

This trainer and horses were amazing!  See the horse coming in the back?  Before he was done he had twelve horses with him six on each perfect formation, no halters, and obeying his every command.  They would even back into the line if they went out to far.  He joked with one who shook his head "no" that he didn't want to get into line.  Then after a few moments, just got into line.  They did different tricks in perfect formation.
It was beautiful!

There is a story told during the show and all of these horses can do amazing things.  They dance to the music!
The lighting was not the best for taking photos...I was so enthralled I didn't take any.
Bought the DVD so we can watch it together.

A spiritual highlight of the month was the Senior Conference. Two couples on the back row right side are guests.
One came from Sweden and one from Germany to train and teach us about the Centers for Young Adults.

Opera House Tour

Beautiful building with winding staircases.

Where the sets are built...huge undertaking.

Seats for 1400 people.

Music Pit.

Scary props?
Our lovely tour guide holding a food prop pizza...yum!
Costumes, costumes and more costumes...

Amazing sewing department...

Thousands of colors of thread...

Boxes and boxes of fabric...a seamstress heaven.
These drawers have only buttons and trims...

Hat shop...

We could be queen and king in these beautiful costumes on display!

We also attended the Helsinki Music Center and listened to the Helsinki Symphony.

It was so amazing!

So amazing in fact that Grandpa Finland said afterwards, "I am so glad I was able to experience that before I died!  If I had the choice of Super Bowl tickets and attending the Symphony again...I would choose the Symphony!"
Believe it!

We came away from this Senior Conference inspired and prepared.  We were taught a most wonderful concept entitled, "Invitation to Prayer".  You can try it yourself.  Here's how it works...when you have Family Home Evening, go home teaching or visiting teaching ask in the family or those you are visiting if there is anyone special that you could pray for.  Ask them to be specific.  Write down these names and what their needs are...promise to pray for them and then do it! This is helping our missionaries tremendously here in Finland.  They no  longer do much tracting...they follow up with their investigators about these individuals who needed prayers.  Very often it leads to the missionaries being able to teach those they have been praying for. For example, one man asked the Elders to pray for his brother who was very ill...they did so faithfully. The brother became well almost immediately and sought out the missionaries to say thank you and he asked them to teach him.  Try will be amazed at the spirit of love that is found in the simple act of praying for those others are concerned about.

For several weeks we have also dealt with a ferocious flu bug going around.  Grandma Finland had it first...yucky weekend and missed a day at the office.  Then Grandpa Finland got it!  Ugh!  Terrible weekend, missed church and a day at the office.  We are both feeling better, but it was not fun!  
              Fever, chills, all the classic flu symptoms...thank goodness for Tylenol!

Grandpa wants to build this when we get home...anyone want to help?

We have had missionaries come and missionaries go....
Since our last blog we have done many lunches for trainings.
We have opened apartments and closed apartments...
it has been busy, busy keeping up with office responsibilities.

Grandma Pamela's birthday dinner!

Change assistant to the President.

Special missionaries that left our area...

Our move to the new office is in the works!  How long before it happens or even if it happens is still unsure.  But, here is a photo of what it looks like on the outside.  We are still hoping....

March 8,2012 Northern Lights beautiful!

We love the sauna!
Now we go twice a week...
the new one opened in our apartment complex and we signed up for Wednesday evenings.
We also go to sauna after our workout and swim on Saturday is heavenly!

          Okay, time to wrap up this final favor....
                   Please, if you have not done so already...
                      Check out this link...Indomitable Soles
  To all our dear friends and family who have already visited, we say thank you, thank you!  Your support means so much!

We love you and may God bless you and yours...


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