Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Family Adventure

Hi Everyone! I am excited to begin this new adventure...blogging! I want to let you all know that we will now be using our blog for our on-going website. I will not discontinue the family website until the end of the year so that you can go there and get all the photos you want to have. What I love the move about this particular way of keeping in touch is that at the end of each year I can get all the photos and text postings printed into a bound copy. Now that is how I would like to keep in touch and write my family history at the same time. I encourage each of you to create a blog and let us all know the address and then we will go to your personal blog FOR FREE rather than our "paid for by Mom and Dad" website. Please take a few moments to set it up. I have forwarded Betty's email to you.

Dad and I are off to Prescott, Arizona for a "Cedar City" Party at Brent and Tammy Larson's home. We will return home on Sunday. Jimmy is here and will stay for a few days. We didn't know he was coming until just the day before yesterday. He has forgiven us for not being here. He is going to hang out here and spend time with siblings.

I sure love you all so much and will come here weekly with photos and information about Ralph and Freddie, Dad and Mom, Gar and Pamela, Grandpa and Grandma...who just happen to be the same two people.
Love you always...

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